How we create value

We do what we do because we believe it creates value and serves the interests of those around us. And we believe we can do this in several ways, for example bringing our 263 million customers closer to the things that are essential to them.

Our assets


A digital, efficient and responsive company

Our direct impacts

What we do for our stakeholders

Economic fabric

3,000 customer multinationals

Over 29 million people use our money-transfer and payment services in 17 African and Middle-Eastern countries

235 startups fast-tracked by Orange Fab in 12 countries and by Orange Digital Ventures investments

10 startup incubators set up or supported in Africa and France

3,500 submissions for the Orange Social Venture Prize in Africa and the Middle East since the competition’s inception

Quality of service

France’s #1 mobile network for the 6th year running (Arcep)

70 datacenters

– 2 threat-analysis and expertise centres
– 6 surveillance and administration centres

Local development

85 agreements with local authorities to roll out very high-speed broadband landlines in France

Over 18 million homes now FTTH-connectable (57% growth in 2016)

4G connections in 18 countries including 10 in Africa and the Middle East

4G coverage for almost 100% of the population in Belgium and Poland

90,000 radio sites worldwide

450,000 km of submarine cables

Protecting resources

A 48.23% drop in CO2 emissions per customer use since 2006

2,800 all-solar mobile facilities

30% energy savings in latest-generation datacentres

1.8 million used mobile phones collected in 2016

66.8% of Group scope ISO 14001 certified

Digital education

7,500 children coached in coding in 17 countries at #SuperCoders workshops

Orange is helping families do more with digital solutions in all European countries

130,000 African schoolchildren attend schools supported by the Orange Foundation

8,000 new members at the Digital Society Forum, a think-tank assessing the impact of digital technology on our lives


30,000 youths mentored in France by employees committed to promoting equal opportunity

More than 1.8 million beneficiairies supported by Orange Foundation’s initiatives


Certified Top Employer Globalfor the second year running

89% of employees in France recommend Orange as a good place to work

10,201 people hired on permanent contracts in the Group

34% of them are women

More than 5,100 people on work-based learning contracts at end-2016 in France


27.3% women in our management networks

28.7 hours of training per employee per year (Group average)

7,000 employees work from home on a regular basis in France

Over 1,000 employees in skills sponsorship programmes in France

8,000 employees supporting Orange Foundation initiatives pro bono